A lightcode is a code of light, a physical anchor point for light frequencies to be channelled through into our physical realm.
Through my own keepership & healing process i work with the celestial serendipity realms & family of light to find ones highest destiny path, pinpoints of opportunity & highest presence.
These all hold a unique frequency of light. 
This light is then given to me as a code to then be anchored into our realm, giving the opportunity to share and be accessible to all.


 Anchoring light allows anyone to experience these frequencies.

It shifts the frequencies for individual souls, the collective & our mama gaia. 

Through custom pieces this allows me to anchor your highest destiny path and presence into a physical piece of art that is accessible to you at any time. 

Though you may not feel a physical shift, your energetic field is in a constant state of motion and these lightcodes work in shifting frequencies to your highest state, as your soul knows on a deep universal level the connection to its highest presence & destiny.


As a healer i love to work with lightcodes as it gives YOU the power of your own destiny.

A path dedicated to your soul is constant work and a daily effort, through my own healing journey i know that only you can give this to yourself. 

I am but a guide offering a physical tool for you to place in your environmental presence, to experience a constant connection with your highest state and journey.

You deserve a journey of flow,  joy, love and upmost beauty... your deepest desires were chosen before incarnating as an experience for this lifetime.

It is time to live this experience my beloved,

it is time to embrace your desires.


 Using a lightcode is simple.

Place it in a space in your home that is special to you, either a sacred space, mantle, on the wall. You will intuitively know where you will enjoy having it seen.

Simply having it your environment is enough to create an energetic shift.


If you wish to go deeper take the time to stare into this piece,  3 minutes, 5, as long as you'd like. Open your heart to connect with it as you stare, inviting with intention your highest presence and destiny, or the frequency of the chosen lightcode.

now close your eyes and hold this frequency, anchor it into your energetic field for as long as you desire.


from here you may wish to continue to meditate.

It is entirely up to you how deeply you wish to go.