Welcome my beautiful beloveds, my name is Ha'vanah Star.


Ha'vanah - my Divine name

"the place where gods and angels reside"

"a place or condition of utmost beauty and happiness"


Star - also known as Tara, Tar, Ishtar, Star Woman

"representing the embodiment of the Divine Feminine light streams"


I am the Creator and Healer behind the Ha'vanah Star website and it is my honour to aid you upon your journey with my sacred galactic medicine.


To all the beautiful souls i have aligned with so far, thank you for such a blessing!

 my eternal love to you xx





Ha'vanah Star is a place where you can find higher dimensional tools that assist in raising and shifting your frequency to the highest and purest vibration.

The vibration of the Hearts Divine.

As keeper of the celestial serendipities it is my mastery and gift to bestow blessings upon those with a pure heart, to dive into timelines, gateways and the akashic records to retrieve, alter or shift ones current circumstances to that of their highest destiny. To relieve karmic obligations, loss, lack and any other burden one may be experiencing that prevents their light working so that one can complete their journey of ascension in this lifetime.

The Ha'vanah Star Lightcode Series are a combination of lightcodes, sacred geometry, healing light and crystals. These tools are all gifts that are deeply encoded within my souls blueprint. They work in harmonious unity to shift and unlock DNA codes that are waiting to be activated within, restoring your lightbody to its original divine blueprint and creating a clear alignment to ones highest destiny path.

The sacred symbols and geometry patterns are channelled through my cosmic eye, feeling these energies, I translate  and anchor them into this earthly realm and then allow my crystals to telepathically/empathically guide me in their placement. 

These Lightcode Mandalas are to be visually seen, meditated on, put in a sacred space and enjoyed…they want to catch your eye!! To find out how to use a lightcode please read my ABOUT LIGHTCODES section.




May we all collectively HEAL and LIVE from our original divine blueprint, our highest

destiny, and return to the grace and Heart of the Divine x